, Aleksandra Haak
, Aleksandra Haak

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Transform Your Life

There will never be a better time than the present. Don’t wait for the right day. Make it right today. Whatever you do today has a profound effect on tomorrow. Nobody can show you better how to transform your life than someone who has done it. Read More

, Aleksandra Haak

Life is beautiful

Aleksandra’s story is full of events that would make other people give up. With this book, the author wants to encourage a view of the past that opens the door to the future – without the often paralyzing therapeutic view. Among other things, the encounter with a therapist who was far from the author’s life brought her to an elementary realization: she must find her own way not to continue to be a victim. In order to see the beauty in her life, she must also recognize something beautiful in the repulsive.


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What you think, you become.

, Aleksandra Haak

ABout me


I am an Author and Speaker. I went through many hardships in my life, and I discovered the way to health myself. I found the way how to see the beauty in things where you wouldn’t usually see it. Now my mission is to transform your life into a better one. I am blessed to have you here. You are a beautiful soul. I will show you how to forgive yourself, give up the hope that the past could be different, and fall in love with the person you see in the mirror. Read More