Aleksandra Haak

, Aleksandra Haak
, Aleksandra Haak

The Beauty

A book for all those who want to see beauty in the bad things.

„If you still hear the negative voice in your head, then at least now is the time to wake up the dragon of beauty, peace, and love that sleep in your heart.“

Aleksandra’s story is full of events that would make other people give up. With this book, the author wants to encourage a view of the past that opens the door to the future – without the often paralyzing therapeutic view. Among other things, the encounter with a therapist who was far from the author’s life brought her to an elementary realization: she must find her own way not to continue to be a victim. In order to see the beauty in her life, she must also recognize something beautiful in the repulsive.

What you think, you become.



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