I am an experienced non-degreed psychologist and paralegal. I have experienced many events in my life that would make other people give up. Among other things, the encounter with therapists who were far away from my life, it brought me to an elementary realization: I have to find my own way in order not to continue being a victim. Now my mission is to show you the beauty in the deepest darkness where you wouldn’t normally see it.

I grew up in Poland, in a small town near the sea. When I was born, I thought my life was normal. I had mom and dad, they loved me, and the world seemed fine. My grandfather had a dominant position in our family. He was always on my side and my best friend … and he loved me a little too much in his special way. I felt so ugly all the time. I didn’t like myself, my body, my hair – everything. I had a lot of problems at school. I hated school. I was a child of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is a hard thing to be in Poland. Almost everyone in Poland is Catholic. You can not celebrate Christmas, New Year, or birthday celebrations. It was like everyone around me could do the cool things, and I couldn’t. When I was sixteen, a tough time began for me … At this age, you have your real first love, your first sexual encounter … However, for me, it was different. Ugly sexual images kept coming up, and I couldn’t stop seeing them in my head. When I found out what was going on in my life and my family, I was angry and very jealous of everyone, especially rich girls. I hated them for their abundant, beautiful life. The hatred broke me. I had a nervous breakdown. I have changed my way of thinking, and my entire life has changed. I started seeing the beauty in things you wouldn’t normally see, thinking positively, and positive things started happening. I forgave myself and overcame the remaining pain.

Today, I want to encourage YOU that in order to forgive yourself, you have to give up hope that the past could be different and fall in love with the person you see in the mirror. It doesn’t matter where you are now; any situation can be beautiful. All you need is a desire to see it. 

Now is YOUR time.

Transform your life

, Aleksandra Haak

The sky has no limit and your life journey too.